School of Business

Certificate of Excellence in the Major 

For placing in the top 10% of the graduate class of their major by their cumulative GPA


  • Ding Shaojin (Chongqing University) Finance
  • Hou Jie (Hefei University of Technology) Finance
  • Li Jialin (China Pharmaceutical University) Finance


  • Xu, Yichi (Soochow University) Finance


  • Chen, Hongshu (Chongqing University) Finance
  • Chen, Jie (Nanjing Normal University) Finance
  • He, Xu (Nanjing Normal University) Finance
  • Liu, Zhen (Shandong University at Weihai) Finance
  • Mao, Yongxiang (Yunnan University) Finance
  • Niu, Yijun (Chongqing University) Finance
  • Qiang, Sheng (Soochow University) Management
  • Shen, Chen (Southwest Jiaotong Universtiy) Finance
  • Wang, Pengxin (Nanjing Normal University) Finance
  • Wu, Enqi (Nanjing Normal University) Management
  • Yang, Shiyu (Chang’an University) Marketing
  • Zhao, Yuhua (Soochow University) Finance

Institutional Latin Honors


Summa cum laude:

  • Liu, Jingyun (Shangdong University at Weihai) Finance

Magna cum laude:

  • Shen, Danjing (Soochow University) Finance
  • Xu, Yichi (Soochow Unviersity) Finance
  • Zhuang, Wenqian (NUIST) Management

Cum laude:

  • Hu, Xiaoxue (Chongqing University) Finance
  • Hu, Xiaoyu (Southwest Jiaotong University) Finance