Program Accolades

  • The beauty of the 1-2-1 program has centered on the opportunity to bring a significant number of really talented Chinese students to the Mason campus, and to build on their experience into other connections with China and Chinese academic institutions. I’ve had the pleasure of working with several students in my classes, and their contributions and quality have been really impressive. It’s also been rewarding to re-encounter our former students, now alumni in China, and to recognize their own attachment to the experiences they had in the program. It has been, and remains, an exciting educational venture. – Dr. Peter Stearns, Provost Emertius
  • I am consistently impressed with the students who enroll through the China 1-2-1 program. Their level of engagement, their intellectual curiosity, their ambition, and their academic success are often off the charts. Our program in economics as well as our entire University as a whole has benefited significantly from the presence of these students. – Jason Dunick, Undergraduate Director of Economics
  • China 1-2-1 students in Electrical and Computer Engineering are some of our brightest and most hardworking students. They overcome the language barrier and perform very well in team projects and overall. This is a wonderful opportunity that increases the cultural and global experience of all participants. – Smriti Kansal, Academic Advisor for Electrical and Computer Engineering Students
Average Graduating GPA – Bachelor’s Recipients: 
China 1-2-1, International (F-1 Visa), All Mason
  C121  F-1 Students Mason Graduates*
  N Avg GPA N Avg GPA N Avg GPA
2009-10 25 3.48 102 3.23 4,138 3.17
2010-11 28 3.43 82 3.27 4,193 3.19
2011-12 31 3.66 90 3.22 4,657 3.18
2012-13 46 3.62 100 3.21 4,833 3.22
2013-14 28 3.58 96 3.20 4,883 3.24
2014-15 39 3.51 115 3.33 4,927 3.25
2015-16 37 3.53 152 3.21 5,086 3.27
*Students who received multiple degrees are only counted once; includes China 1-2-1 and F-1 students